Why All parties should include ART

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With so many options for party entertainment, you may be wondering why an Art party is the best choice and why ALL parties should include an art activity.  You may be considering a visiting entertainer, like the reptile man, magician or a science demo, or perhaps a bounce house as the main attraction.

All of these options are wonderful, but they are not interactive in the same way an art party is.

“Creating” is something we all innately love, but don’t always get the opportunity to do. The joy of squeezing clay, changing its shape & molding a design or dipping a brush in paint and seeing a canvas transformed………everyone loves doing these experiences!

Art really is for EVERYONE.

Our kids live in a digital world with less and less hands on experiences. The chance to see an idea become something you’ve created with your hands defines imagination. The greatest joy in self expression happens when you are a kid. And in all the parties I’ve seen, I cannot remember a clay, craft, or painting project not being a huge hit. 

Art gives your guests a tangible item to take home and to remember your child’s party by. They’ll always remember your party by the art they created there. And, you may have given them another gift: the desire to create more.

Read this great piece: 5 Important Reasons Your Child Should Be recreating Art. Even if its not a party, make Art a regular part of your child’s day. 


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