What is the Best Clay for Kids Art Projects?

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Clay is a favorite medium for kids and its important to choose the correct type of clay for the age of the creator, for the project, and if you are hoping to have a lasting keepsake of your child’s creations. So what is the best clay for kids art projects? We have experimented with many clay brands over the years, as we  want the very best results for our party participants. We want  clay that will hold up over the years, providing a keepsake for parents of their childrens childhood art.There is a place for most brands and every type of clay, but for impressive results and keepsake quality, our favorite is Van Aken Plastalina modeling clay.  

Clay Projects

Clay Projects created with Van Aken modeling clay

 Here’s why:

  • Color-the colors are rich and vibrant. There is also an amazing choice of colors that kids LOVE.

Renowned for its smooth consistency and brilliant colors, Claytoon Modeling Clay has been featured in many award-winning claymation productions. Preferred by sculptors, modelmakers, animators, and artists of all ages, it remains pliable and never hardens, even if left out for days, weeks, even months. Claytoon also offers creative fun for young children, for family activities, and in classrooms.

  • Consistency-Van Aken modeling clay has the perfect consistency that holds its shape and is still easy enough for smaller hands to manipulate. It’s very pliable, holds the sculptors design beautifully.
  • Longevity-We always use the best materials as we want the parents to have lasting creations to cherish. That starts with choosing quality products and Van Aken modeling clay is definitely in that category.

I have clay creations that were made with Van Aken modeling clay over 12 years ago, and they still look as fresh as the day they were made.

  • Non-hardening– This gives our young sculptors unlimited time to work on their design. It is reusable if desired, but will also maintain a shape and design indefinitely.

We have purchase our Van Aken modeling clay exclusively from Dick Blicks for their pricing and inventory of color.

  • Van Aken Plastalina Modeling Clay
  • Description:This pigmented oil-based modeling compound is a favorite of sculptors model makers clay animators and artists of all ages. The clay has a smooth consistency and brilliant color range. Never hardens and its consistency improves with age.
  • Price: $3.69

For more info about this great American made brand of modeling clay, here is detailed information about the product, process and Van Aken Company. Van Aken Information

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