Clay Flowers


Our Clay N Canvas art kits are kid-tested & thoughtfully designed to spur creativity and develop skills. Pictorial directions & quality supplies ensure that every project will be a fabulous Wow, I did it” experience!
  • The canvas size is 4×4, and comes with a wooden easel to display your creation with.
  • We provide beautifully colored animators clay that never hardens, but will keep its shape for many years. 
  • The clay is cut to size for each step, so no guessing about the amount of clay for each element.
Have a blast making the best kind of art……yours!

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Our goal is to provide inspiration and encourage creativity. For parents, we hope our projects will result in a keepsake piece of art and a great option for a productive activity. If your child wants to design the project differently, that is wonderful too!  Everything needed for one project is included in the kit. The suggested age is 6+
Canvas (4×4)
Glitter glue
Wiggly eyes
Paint & Brush
Glitter Glue
Texturing tools
Clay Mat
Step-by-Step direction
Thank you for allowing us to bring art to your child!


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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in