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  • Craft Party!

    Crafting gives your guests tons of creative options to personalize their projects -super fun embellishment to compliment each craft.  Some of our most popular themes are the jeweled fairy house, clay mushroom  home, fabric painting, jewelry box & bracelet, slime party. Have something else in mind? Let us know and we can create that for you!  

  • Clay Party!

    Our clay projects are truly unique and beautifully designed. Kids especially love that they will get to paint and sculpt with most of our clay projects. We use high quality clay and fun embellishments to claydazzle with and always have a fabulous time!

  • Paint Party!

    Have a blast painting with acrylics on canvas! Each of your guests will have a fabulous art experience, and will take home a “Wow! I created this!” masterpiece! Your guests will be amazed at what they can do and will always remember you, and your awesome party!