In Favor of Favors….

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Are you wondering if you should include party favors at your event? I say absolutely! And here’s why.

Party favors are a beautiful thing. They are just as much fun to give as to get. They are a gracious way to say Thank you for celebrating with me!

Your child will be proud to give a thoughtful and fun favor for their friends to enjoy once they leave your event. Selecting the right combination of goodies & surprises for guests, plants of seed of generosity, and a reminder to think of others. When the day has been all about them, honored and celebrated, the sweet gesture of being a giver is a good thing. Yes, a simple party favors does all of that.

If providing favors break into your budget, streamline something else and add the favor. Here’s why:

  • Favors can look festive and double as decorations!
  • Favors create an extra element of anticipation and excitement for your guests.
  • Favors are an example of giving and generosity for your child.
  • Favors are a classy way to thank your guests.
  • Favors create a memory of your child and their party.
  • And it IS a very special day! Celebrate.


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