Birthday Parties-Should they be a Big Deal?

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Every childhood is marked by the moments and memories we share with our families. These experiences can influence who we are and how we view the world.

Childhood is a very impressionable time in our development.  Anticipating,  and experiencing a new happening is exciting for kids. And, its part of the reason why our childhood birthday celebrations are such cherished memories.

Each year is a milestone for a child. Remember how fantastic  it felt to be 9 years old instead of only 8? Or to finally be in the “double digits”, like the big kids?

For children, life is fresh and new. Every new experience is magical and many will be  their “first”. Each passing  year in their life feels like a monumental event…and it is!  They will never be 7, 8, or 9 again. They change in so many ways from year to year, don’t overlook the opportunity to celebrate the person they are at that time.

Here is a great article by New Orleans Mom about making a big deal out of birthdays. 

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